A Few Tips About Losing Weight By HCG Diets

Everybody wants a slim and lean body and that too in a quicker way. The quickest scientific way to lose weight is to follow a proper HCG diet. Now there are a lot of questions that pops up when HCG diet comes in play, like what is this diet al about or what are its steps or even where to find the doses etc. So if you are looking for a weight loss HCG diet regime then read on.

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All about HCG diet

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy phase of women. It was first observed by Dr. Simeon in 1950’s that HCG converts body’s own fat into energy thus ensuring rapid weight loss. HCG diet requires daily extreme less intake of calorie around 500 cal per day while administering HCG hormones directly into the fat tissues. How this regime works is not proven but thousands of happy weight loss patients and over 60 years of popularity shows that this regime is a must work. It is believed that lack of fat and calorie intake along with HCG breaking down the previously deposited fat cells leads to this weight loss. People are most often enticed by this fitness regime but end up buying wrong unauthenticated HCG injections. There is plenty of online HCG supplier in town, but only few of them will actually provide you pharmacy checked HCG injections.


The best fitness experts

Among various experts one of the best is definitely colinfwatson.com. They provide you with complete HCG injection kits at a price even less than $300 for 26 days pack. Colin F.Watson is not just a fitness product selling agency but they actually have their own researched and experienced version of HCG induced fat loss regime which is completely safe and highly efficient and they are serving client for more than 8 years.


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